What are these awards and criteria for selection? 

On December 15th SDNEDC and more than 300 North County leaders will convene at The Seabird Resort in Oceanside to celebrate economic development achievements from throughout North County.

These awards will be an opportunity to spotlight new businesses located in North county, significant expansions of our existing businesses, new developments and investments in our community, and policies and activities that make for a more economically competitive and vibrant region.


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Who can nominate? 

Any city’s economic development manager, chamber of commerce, North County educational institution or other interested partners can submit a nomination.  Self-nominations will be accepted.  Once nominations are closed a committee comprised of board members of the council will select the award winners.


Kinds of Nominees…  

The council takes an expansive view of economic development and the kinds of activities that support a more vibrant North County.

Some examples could be (not exhaustive):

  • A new business locating to North County
  • A successful effort to retain an existing employer
  • A major capital investment at an existing North county employer that leads to more employment (for example a new production line or a new hotel expansion).
  • Specific programs (both new and existing) at North County institutions of higher education which are building a more competitive North county Workforce.
  • A public or public-private partnerships that creatively seek to address key opportunities or challenges faced by the region such as a redevelopment projects, a retail district improvement plan, to creative programs by our local chambers to support entrepreneurship and new business start-ups.


We don’t want you to feel constrained – if you think a project, program, business, initiative or effort is creating a more competitive North County submit a nomination. 


DEADLINE: September 30th, 2022


Submit a Nomination





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