During this time of unprecedented disruption, several businesses in North County are hiring to meet the demand of people sheltering at home and complying with state orders. We will update this page as we learn more. You can send job leads to ebruvold@sdnedc.org. Please include “Surge Hiring in North County” in the subject line, the name of the business, roughly how many positions you are hiring for (and job titles where useful) and then the best process for people to apply (website, phone, in person, etc.). We promise a 2 hour turn around to get up on the web and distributed out to our partners. Please also let us know if information is out of date or any of the links become broken and we will update ASAP. One of the things we can do to help get through this crisis is provide people chances to get some normalcy in their lives, especially those who have experienced layoffs/job losses.

You can access information about unemployment benefits here.

San Diego Life Changing put together a resource page to connect job seekers to opportunities in the tech and life sciences world. See their page here.

Job leads as of 4/17/2020



  • Walmart has announced that it needs to hire, nationwide, between 100,000 to 200,000 associates to deal with the surge in demand and is hoping to hit a benchmark of 24 hour turn around on hiring decisions.. You can apply here.

Albertsons Companies

  • Albertsons wants to hire 30,000 new employees to keep up with increased demand. Apply here.


  • CVS said it is looking to fill a total of 50,000 full-time, part-time and temporary positions nationwide, including “store associates, home delivery drivers, distribution center employees, and member/customer service professionals.” Virtual job fairs, virtual interviews, and virtual job tryouts will be used during its hiring process. Click here to apply.

Dollar General

  • Dollar General is looking to add up to 50,000 employees to its workforce by the end of April. Apply here.


  • Domino’s plans to hire 10,000 employees to work as pizza makers, delivery personnel and customer service representatives. The company is also looking for people to fill roles at its supply chain centers in addition to management and assistant management positions. Click here.

GE Healthcare

  • Due to rising needs, GE Healthcare needs additional manufacturing employees to build medical ventilators. Learn more at this link.


Papa John’s

  • Papa John’s announced plans to hire 20,000 new “restaurant team members.” Apply here.


  • Pepsi said that it wants to hire 6,000 full-time, frontline employees in the coming months. The company is also providing “enhanced benefits” to its US-based workers and increasing its compensation for its current US frontline employees amid the coronavirus pandemic. Click here.

Pizza Hut

  • Pizza Hut is recruiting more than 30,000 employees across the nation and says its new drivers can start working in as little as five hours upon hiring. Learn more and apply here.


  • 7-Eleven, the nation’s largest convenience store chain, expects to hire up to 20,000 new store employees. Click here to apply.

Interfaith Community Services

  • Interfaith Community Services is a nonprofit located in Escondido, CA. They are hiring for the following positions: Facilities Technician, Resident Coordinators, Program Manager for our Recuperative Care Program, Licensed Clinical Therapist Intern Supervisor, CNA’s, Registered SUD Counselor, Certified SUD Counselor. Job description, pay range or to apply online please visit https://www.interfaithservices.org/careers/.





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