In a world driven by technology and innovation, Louise Brandy, Chief Information Officer of QuidelOrtho, has a powerful message for business leaders: “Stay connected to your community. Share learnings and stories. This is what will drive our economy.”

Brandy recognizes the power of a network, believes that community success promotes the success of individual companies, and actively seeks to be a connector of people, companies, and resources.


Aligning IT Efforts with Business Goals

QuidelOrtho is a global leader in in vitro diagnostics. They develop and manufacture a wide range of diagnostic products that enable quick and accurate assessment of various illnesses, including molecular tests, antigen tests, and at-home testing options. In this important field, connectedness and clear communication is key.

As the IT department lead, Brandy exemplifies her belief in the power of connectedness through her innovative use of communication tools. ZOOM IQ and Zoom Chat have been crucial tools to enhancing collaboration and streamlining workflows at QuidelOrtho.

“Zoom has partnered with us in such a nice way to succeed in using the right amount of collaborative tools. It helps us reserve meetings for those things that need a quick decision and greatly reduces the need for email,” said Brandy.

During her career, Brandy has learned the power that a simple mindset shift can have on a business. She urges her team to proactively solve business problems rather than merely respond to IT requests. By aligning the IT group’s efforts with the goals of the business, Brandy works to ensure that technology becomes an enabler toward success.

“How can we influence all the pieces of the IT group to support the business goals? One way is when we collect data and analytics, we make sure that it is answering questions for the business,” she said. She even fondly calls the IT department the “business enablement department.”


QuidelOrtho’s Merger & Rapid Growth

Another way Brandy has enabled success at QuidelOrtho has been the integration of systems and processes during Quidel Corporation’s acquisition of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics in 2021. The merger of the two companies combines Quidel Corporation’s industry-leading expertise with Ortho Clinical Diagnostic’s 80-year legacy and global reach. The resulting “QuidelOrtho” aims to bring fast, accurate, and reliable diagnostics when and where they are needed – from home to hospital, lab to clinic – so patients, clinicians, and health officials can spot trends sooner.

QuidelOrtho has since emerged as a leading force in the diagnostics industry, particularly during the challenging times presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s swift response and innovative solutions have earned them recognition, including the Excellence in North County Economic Development award in 2022.

Amidst the company’s rapid growth during the pandemic, QuidelOrtho was able to double its manufacturing footprint in Carlsbad, converting the 128,000-square-foot Rutherford Road building into the company’s highest-volume production plant in the world and securing a 12-month agreement with the U.S. government to supply their patented QuickVue® At-Home OTC COVID-19 Tests.

Men in construction gear in an empty room in QuidelOrtho's Carlsbad location.

QuidelOrtho’s manufacturing expansion in Carlsbad.

Core Behaviors vs. Core Values

Brandy is happy to call North County QuidelOrtho’s home and is proud of the company’s contributions to the region – from manufacturing, kitting, research and development, and supply chain support to assisting local service projects and STEM programs.

“At QuidelOrtho, we talk about core behaviors, not just core values, because what we do matters. Our culture supports enabling others to do well,” said Brandy.

Brandy follows this kind of core behavior in her personal life as well. This year, she acted as chair for the 2023 Heart Walk where local businesses create teams to walk a 5K to support heart health programs. She is heavily involved in supporting advocacy against smoking due to her experience with her late husband’s health struggles.

When her husband quit smoking, they walked their first marathon together, and he went on to complete several more marathons. He ultimately lost his life due to the damage his body underwent from smoking, and so Brandy has dedicated much of her time and effort to helping others avoid the same fate.

Laboratory with chairs, desks, and lab equipment.

QuidelOrtho Research & Development

A Collaborative Region

Beyond service to her community, Brandy’s affinity for North County is rooted in the spirit of collaboration and the kind-heartedness of its people. Despite residing in San Clemente, she feels welcomed in North County and is inspired by the way small companies band together to support one another.

“There is a kind spirit to the people who work here. A lot of small companies band together to support each other and the work we each do. This economy is sustainable because of that collaboration,” said Brandy.


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