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Perfectly situated between Downtown San Diego and Orange County – but still within an easy distance to Los Angeles – provides you the opportunity to tap into their markets while avoiding their high costs of living.

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The business parks in North County are home to hundreds of innovation companies in life sciences, telecommunications, active sportswear and sporting goods, advanced manufacturing, and information and communication technology. One of the things these diverse companies share in common is how they leverage North County’s strategic location for business purposes. North County is closer to customers than areas in Downtown San Diego or in Otay Mesa. It offers a higher quality of life than many other areas of Southern California. It is closer to more attainably priced housing than areas like UTC or Sorrento Mesa. And it offers a unique blend of suburban amenities, world-class outdoor recreation, coastal hip, and several million square feet of industrial and office space that is unmatched in Southern California. Some areas have a few of these attributes. North County has them all.

Proximity to Infrastructure

While many North County businesses do not produce a large volume of bulk products, some do. The region’s proximity to the Southern California logistics network makes moving these products much easier than other locations. Those shipping or receiving goods from Los Angeles can save an hour or more on transportation times compared to competing locations south of the city, while also avoiding congestion in Central San Diego. Palomar McClellan Airport hosts numerous corporate jets, and the region is 30 minutes from SDIA and 1 hour from John Wayne International Airport in Orange County.

Proximity to Talent

North County is home to 470,000+ workers, 27.3% of whom hold at least a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Numerous North County businesses have found that the region can easily meet their talent needs. It is close enough to UCSD and San Diego State University to benefit from the research and education carried out at those institutions but far enough away to leverage a less urban environment. It is home to its own CSU San Marcos, the fastest-growing school in the CSU system.  And it is home to several award-winning school districts, supporting talented innovation-economy workers and their families. 

Proximity to What Talent is Looking For

Between the 9 cities of North County, there are 270,000+ housing units. These range from executive homes along the coast and inland, to various suburban developments offering affordability to workers, all while being within a convenient 20-minute commute to many of our business parks. The area is largely suburban with a number of historic downtowns and villages. North County also boasts some of the amenities associated with urban settings such as Michelin-star dining, designer brand shopping, and unique beachfront experiences. With more than 40 miles of coastline, North County is home to some of the best beaches in the world, with renowned hiking trails within a close drive to our east. These attributes make it easier to find and attract talent compared to many other locations. Unlike areas that lack a high quality of life and offer more expensive housing, our region provides talent with a unique blend of the beach, mountains, suburbs, and a vibrant village core.

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